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And greetings from RIN too…

The Research Information Network is pleased also to be associated with DaMSSI-ABC, and I very much look forward to help develop the themes taken forward in the original DaMSSI initiative in 2010-11. RIN’s role on this occasion will focus around the development and deployment of criteria used to describe and evaluate training interventions (for which some groundwork has already taken place), and to developing interfaces with relevant learned/professional bodies, who have a clear interest in ensuring that their members posess appropriate skills and knowledge.

Stéphane Goldstein

The DaMSSI-ABC project is go!

This is the blog for the DaMSSI-ABC project, part of the second JISC Managing Research Data programme (MRD02).  DaMSSI-ABC stands for ‘Research Data Management Skills Support Initiative  – Assessment, Benchmarking and Classification’ and is a support and synthesis initiative for the projects of the MRD02 programme.

I’m a researcher at HATII, the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute at the University of Glasgow, and I’m one of the DaMSSI-ABC team.  I was part of two projects of the first MRD programme (including the original DaMSSI) and I also work as an Evidence Gatherer on the JISC MRD 02 programme.

But back to DaMSSI-ABC: the Digital Curation Centre hosts an information page about DaMSSI-ABC here:, which also contains contact details for the team.  There will be more information posted to this blog as the work of the project gets underway.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about the work of the project, the training projects, or the programme.


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