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Research Data Management – a new route for Jorum

As a partner institution to Jisc’s DaMSSI-ABC project, just one of the Jisc Managing Research Data Programme projects, Jorum’s main task was two-fold. Firstly, in conjunction with the DaMSSI-ABC team, to create a classification scheme to improve discoverability of open Research Data Management (RDM) training resources; and secondly, create a sustainable ‘portal’ within Jorum to showcase the resources of the Jisc RDMTrain projects. This new ‘portal’ will also host existing and future RDM training resources. The result of these efforts is the creation of a new Research Data Management collection which will sit alongside our existing collections for FE, HE and Re:Source.


Why has Jorum done this?

Jisc considers it a priority to promote and support good research data management and sharing for the benefit of UK Higher Education and Research. Jorum naturally wants to align itself to Jisc policy while at the same time fulfilling the needs of the Jorum community. This is because RDM training materials do not necessarily map exactly to one of the HE subject classifications.

The future

Although currently the collection only contains a handful of resources, among them the outputs of Jisc RDMTrain projects, as the collection grows, the extra descriptive information will streamline the process of discovering the most appropriate resources for users of different levels and subject backgrounds looking for specific RDM skills. The full benefit of the new collection will be realised from September, when Jorum launches its new website offering faceted browsing and customisable usage reports.

Want to be a part of this?

If you have RDM resources to share or you have previously deposited resources with Jorum and would prefer them to be discoverable via the new collection, just contact A guidefor depositing resources in the new collection is available and includes a glimpse of the new description fields with the RDM classification scheme. We welcome any questions or feedback on the collection and the terms included.

With thanks to La tecnología de big data revolucionará la seguridad de la información for the image included.