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Jisc MRD project materials: use and reuse for RDM training

Over at the Jisc MRD programme Evidence Gatherers’ blog, I wrote about a DCC training event for research librarians about research data management, and was encouraged by the use and reuse of MRD programme materials.  Please visit

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Describing and assessing research data management training: DaMSSI-ABC and the RIDLs draft criteria checklist

A key component of DaMSSI-ABC is identifying an appropriate assessment framework for research data management training materials, so that courses can be effectively found and compared. Our first step in this area is to trial the Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition (RIDLs) draft criteria for good practice in describing, reviewing and assessing practice in information literacy training.

RIDLs was established in 2012 as a follow-on from the Research Information Network’s Working Group on Information Handling, and is a coalition of partners working together to promote the value of information and research data literacy for academic researchers. More information on the coalition can be found at One of RIDLs’ core activities focuses on testing, refining and disseminating the criteria for good practice in describing, reviewing and assessing training courses and other interventions in the area of information literacy. The criteria relate to all types of interventions aimed at developing researchers’ information-handling knowledge, skills and competencies, whether in the form of face-to-face sessions/courses or digital/online resources. They serve two broad purposes:

(i)     Helping those who design and deliver courses and learning resources to ensure they are developing materials that are fit for purpose as well as a means of describing them. The criteria might provide a means of enabling a structured and recognised way of presenting such interventions through online portals such as Jorum.

(ii)   Providing a simple means of assessing whether a particular course or resource is the right option and the right time. The criteria may enable the value of courses and resources to be better assessed by potential course participants as well as by other training providers who may be seeking to reuse the materials.

DaMSSI-ABC, working alongside RIDLs, have developed the proposed criteria into an easy-to-complete checklist (this can be found at, and are currently trialling the checklist with the Jisc RDMTrain projects and a number of other curation training providers in order to identify the usefulness of such a framework in a practical data management setting. RIDLs are also testing the criteria in its original format for a number of other information literacy projects and initiatives in over 20 institutions across the UK. Feedback so far has been very positive and the checklist format has ensured using the criteria is a quicker and simpler process.

It is hoped that the end result for the purposes of DaMSSI-ABC will be a set of criteria specifically adapted for the self-assessment, description and evaluation of data management training. We also envisage elements of the criteria being used as part of course description fields in the upcoming Jorum research data management ‘window’, which will be completed later in the year.

Next up, DaMSSI-ABC will be looking into benchmarking training courses and learning resources to help identify possible pathways through the content. This will allow course participants and training providers to better plan for progressive skills development. Watch this space for more updates.

Research Data Management programme Training Strand kick-off workshop, London, 26 October

Part of the work of DaMSSI-ABC is to support and where appropriate, provide some synthesis of the work of the Research Data Management Training Materials projects of the 2nd JISC Managing Research Data programme, or ‘RDMTrain02’ for short.

This work officially kicked off at the end of October in London, with the Research Data Management programme Training Strand kick-off workshop.  I blogged about the day over on my MRD programme blog at

Siobhan Burke of Jorum also wrote an extensive blog post about the issues addressed on the day and their connection with the work of the Jorum repository at

There will be more in the way of focused information about Jorum and also Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework in MRD/DaMSSI-ABC events.

JISC MRD training and guidance resources: What we already have in Jorum

Part of the work of DaMSSI and now, DaMSSI-ABC is to improve the correlation between the work of the JISC Managing Research Data programme (‘JISC MRD’) training materials projects (‘RDMtrain’) and the Jorum repository of open educational resources.

Whilst the projects creating research data management training materials each have a website of their own which hosts their materials and possibly supplementary material, it’s an aim of our work at DaMSSI-ABC to help with the creation of a more visible and useable group of RDMTrain project outputs on Jorum.

To that end it’s useful for projects – and ‘fellow travellers’ – to have a grasp on what has already been added to Jorum by the MRD programme. So here’s a list of what’s on Jorum already, along with the Jorum location of its information page, and keywords used.  (But please bear in mind the projects listed below were all part of the first MRD programme’s training strand.  The current MRD programme’s training strand is described here:

I’m interested in emerging approaches to how we describe these resources.  Keyword use was undirected in MRD01 and so we can see here that approaches vary, but there are some terms which do recur.  I’ve marked these in green.

  • Research Data MANTRA:
    • Keywords: research data management; training; data management plans; documentation; metadata; file formats; file transformation; data organisation; data storage; data security; University of Edinburgh; MANTRA
  • DATUM for Health:
    • Keywords: research; researchers; research data; research data management; research data management training; data management; data management training; organising research data; organising data; study skills; research skills; health; medicine; PGR students; PhD students; doctoral students; postgraduate research students; qualitative data; unstructured data; data curation; data curation lifecycle; DATUM; DATUM for Health; data; health data; management data; management research data; students PGR; students PhD; students doctoral; students postgraduate research; curation data; curation research data; organisation data; organisation research data; skills research; data qualitative; data unstructured; data health; RDM; JISC Research Data Management Training Materials; JISC RDMTrain

The DMTpsych project has not yet deposited its work in Jorum.

In addition, the Incremental project from MRD01 deposited 38 training resources on a wide range of RDM-related topics.  Enter ‘Incremental’ in the search box on Jorum to find the list.

And the Sudamih project, also from MRD01, deposited 5 resources: again, you’ll find them by entering ‘Sudamih’ in Jorum’s search box.

We’re looking forward to welcoming more resources from the MRD programme to Jorum, and are interested in pulling them together to create a coherent and easy-to-use set of resources.

If you’ve deposited anything with Jorum which was made as part of MRD programme work, and it’s not listed here, please let me know either by email (laura.molloy AT, or in the comments.  Thanks!